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EPIC SLACKLINES: Want a new way of having fun with the family?
Let's See What Our Customers Have To Say
What a fabulous product…. aside from the all out fun we are going to have what a game changer for improving balance and developing core strength. I have a teenage contact-sport lad who is forever injuring ankles and knees… Even after the set-up session… it’s clear the benefits that will come with the fun.
Mark Gillie - WA
Bought this on a whim since we love going to the park for picnics and play dates, the kids all loved it! Even the random stranger kids and their parents were enjoying it. It was easy to set up (especially after the 55 second instructional video on YouTube), and easy to take down. Putting it away is the trickiest part of it.

Kids or not, anyone who likes a good time should get this.
Angela Lowell - NSW
I love this product-anybody can use it and it is a funtastic way to enjoy the outdoors. Thank you Epic Slacklines. 

PLEASED. Received package as described ahead of schedule!
Huckleberry Heart

I am a very happy customer.
Honestly, I am very happy with this product. Really well put together and very easy to set up. The ratchet is comfortable to grip and requires very little effort when removing the tension. I purchased the orange color to make sure it was visible as we often use it in our local park and it looks great, stands out very well and usually attracts a crowd. I believe I got a really good deal with this purchase and everything that is included.
Edgar Garcia - QLD
In just a few weeks I’ve gone from being wobbly on my feet to being rock solid on a 2 inch strap. My golf has improved and I generally feel great. Way to go guys.

Excellent seller and product. Thanks

I got bought a slackline kit for my birthday and at first I was very unsure of whether I would use it or not. But once the challenge set in and the bug bit, I was hooked. Now I take it everywhere with me.

The kids love this! We set it up in our pine forest backyard and every neighbor hood kid comes to try out the slack line.
Elizabeth Miller


Super fast shipping! I want another!!!! Thank you!!

Great starter kit, has everything you need.
Epic Customer 
I can’t begin to tell you how much fun the whole family has had with our slackline kit. I would recommend it to anyone.
Made our 10-year old son to go outside and play!
Our son loves this thing. He is not the sociable type of person but after receiving this gift from his grandfather and we set it up outside, we are so delighted to see him play and practice with other neighborhood son and daughters. They’re taking turns making sure everyone gets a chance. And how happy we are to see our son engaging with others. I tried it once and I didn’t expect to enjoy doing it myself. Awesome product! I will recommend!
W. Gorrez
This is a blast for the whole family! It’s so easy to set up. It comes with everything you need and a carry bag. You get the slackline and Rachet and a guard wire up top to help you when you need to catch your balance. It helps learn to do the slackline without falling off every time. It’s the perfect diameter for young kids and adults. It’s very sturdy. It came with tree guards also so that the slackline is not running on the tree causing wear faster. The kids have been non stop on it since we got it. It’s. Nice 50 ft length. I’m really impressed. A nice addition to all our outdoor activities in our yard. Can’t wait to see what else they have to add to it.
Fantastic product from a great seller, highly recommend!

Happy with this fun idea
So much fun in one little box, well done Epic Slacklines you’ve entertained our group all day. Slacklining on the banks of the Murray River
Tracey with Nash, Jai & Tarrin
After doing a slackline team building exercise at work, I wanted to buy my own. I decided on the Epic Slackline kit because it comes with a training line so that I don’t have to worry about falling while working on my balance. It was quite easy to set up. Overall, I’m really happy with the Epic Slackline kit and have already gotten a ton of use out of it and have enjoyed it with family and friends.
A Green
It’s a slackline. What’d to be said, it works exactly like it’s supposed to. Great packaging, good instructions, high quality strap that has barely busted any strands with very heavy use. The tree protector was a nice touch.
Game Junkie
Well priced and well packaged. I bought this to introduce to students at school. They love it so much I’m going to have to get more to keep them all happy.

Easy transaction thank you
Serious fun for the whole family, and quite the workout!
S. A. Merritt
Five Stars! Great quality, prompt shipping. Will be purchasing accessories in the future.
N. Yelland
Arrived very quick and in good quality. We used it the next day and had a blast.
Epic Slackline Customer

This Slackline set is a whole lot of fun. It is easy to set up and get going and it provides hours and hours of fun. I still haven’t been able to really stay on it yet but I’m practicing. The assembly instructions are clear and the material and craftsmanship is high quality. If you’re looking for a good gift to get the kids out of the house give this Slackline set a try!
Mr. West Coast
I was looking for a slackline with training line. Those items which I thought good were out of order. I researched, and finally, found this. It was a good choice. Good product. Highly recommended.
K. Takada
A perfect kit! Thank you!
Summer France
The unit arrived just as advertised and a day early. Can’t beat that!
Robert JW 
My niece and nephew enjoy these, as do their parents and their neighbors.
Eric M. G.

Great quality and a good value! I bought this for my sons and I to enjoy during our camping trips. Very pleased so far. Good quality product with strong ratchets. This is one of the few slacklines that comes with the ratchet covers and the help line so it is a good value also. Looking forward to improving our skills.
Kevin U.

Very stable and fun for kids.
Its great for me but my friend that weights 220 cannot use this product it goes straight to the ground.
Latosha Cook

All Good.

Good product.
Peter C.
This set is easy to set up and a lot of fun. The printed directions need to include diagrams or photos! Not being familiar with ratcheting mechanisms, I had to go on the Internet to find “how to” videos by other slackline makers and truck accessory sites. I’m 60 years old (female) and first tried a low-line slack line this summer and had to get one for myself. I love it! Great for balance and core strength. Slow progress, but so much fun.
Humboldt Fog
I was so excited to receive this. I have watched people countless times do this and I wanted one ever since. I found this set and love that there is a protective coating for the trees. The straps are really easy to set up and now I get excited to go to the boyfriends parents because they have trees I can slack on. I like that the kit comes all in one bag and has a practice line. Such a good kit I highly recommend to all.
These are pretty Epic!
I bought this for an upcoming family vacation we will be in a cabin not too close to anything so this is a perfect activity for all the kids and adults that will be there. We are going to create an obstacle course and this is going to make it very entertaining.


It came quick and works.
A++++ Seller Thanks

Lots of fun! My kids enjoyed it so much! 
Maria K.
My husband and I set up this slackline kit for the first time in our back yard, having no idea what we were doing, in about 15 minutes. The second time we set it up, it took only about 8 minutes. Once you’ve set it up a couple of times it will take less than ten minutes to get it up and running. The kit comes with a 2″ thick 50 ft (bottom) line which is the one you walk on, a 1″ thick 50 ft (top) line that you can put above head height to hold on to (optional), a large metal ratchet for the bottom line with a padded cover (so it doesn’t hurt if you bump into it), and a small metal ratchet for the top line. There are also two thick padded Velcro tree protectors which you must put around the tree, underneath where the bottom line will wrap around it, to prevent damage to the trees. It also came with a cute little backpack to carry everything in and store it when not in use. My kids got over 2 hours worth of fun out of it each time we set it up, and we can’t wait to take it to a family picnic this weekend so everyone can enjoy it! It’s not just for the kids either, this slackline can hold a person up to 330 pounds, so adults can use it too. Some of the product photos show smaller children using an extra rope to reach the top line, and my 5-year-old daughter likes to use it this way. You should put the top line high enough that adults have to raise their arms high above their head to reach it, and then get an extra rope about 4-6 feet long for shorter kids to use to reach the top line – I wish the kit came with an extra rope for this purpose. My kids, without any practice, make walking on this look easy – I tried it myself, and it’s harder than it looks! The first few times I wobbled all over the place. It definitely takes some practice, balance, and core strength to stay steady. It’s great fun, and great exercise! The only slight negative is the instructions could be improved a bit by adding photos. It was hard to picture what the instructions were describing the first time we set it up. Even so, I highly recommend this kit and have nothing negative to say about the product itself! It’s great for some outdoor family fun. It also came with a 15% off coupon to use on one of their other products.
Sasha Leigh